Fall and Winter News

October 16, 2014

unlacedThe year is winding to a close, and I have two more books forthcoming. The first, Unlaced by the Outlaw is the final story in the Secrets in Silk series. It tells the story of prim and proper Margaret Andrews who is stranded in the wilderness with a wicked outlaw, Cain Sinclair.

A Viking for the ViscountessThe second book, A Viking for the Viscountess will be out on November 18. It’s a “unique” book, born from my love of time travel stories. I wanted to explore what it would be like for a Viking to time travel forward to the Regency era. Arik Thorgrim isn’t at all the sort of hero Juliana Arthur, the Viscountess Hawthorne, was expecting. But the two of them make one of the most interesting couples I’ve ever written. It was terrific fun to bring a Viking into the ballroom, so I hope you’ll enjoy the book. This is a draft of the cover, and it is one of the books in the series: A Most Peculiar Season. It’s part of an author collaboration with Deborah Hale, Ann Lethbridge, Barbara Monajem, Gail Ranstrom, and others. The books will feature unusual events in the Regency era, and our characters will interact in the different books.

As we move toward the holiday season, I wish you and your families all the very best!