Spring Sale

February 13, 2013

There are some great book deals going on right now!
warrior's touch
First, The Warrior’s Touch is still on sale for only $0.99 on Kindle in both the U.S. and Canada.

Second, my Accidental series is on sale through March 15 for less than $2.00 per title in all e-book formats.

An Accidental Seduction - JAN 2010 - undone.inddThe first story is a novella prequel to the series, “An Accidental Seduction.” It’s on sale right now for $0.99 from all major retailers (Kindle, Nook, and so on).

Emily Barrow once dreamed that she could marry Stephen Chesterfield, the Earl of Whitmore, and be saved from her dreary life. Then Stephen’s father sent him away, leaving Emily broken-hearted…

Now Stephen has returned to find Emily destitute and alone. He has vowed to help her without compromising her honor…but Emily has other ideas. She doesn’t want his charity, but she does long to know what it would be like to take him as a lover, even if marriage is out of the question. Confined to close quarters with their passion burning as brightly as ever, will Stephen be able to resist the temptation and rescue her, or give in to his desire and completely ruin her?

accidentalcountessThe second title is a full length book, The Accidental Countess. This book is on sale for $1.99 from e-book retailers (Kindle, Nook, etc.)
When Stephen Chesterfield, the Earl of Whitmore, awakes to find a beautiful woman berating him, he knows he is in trouble! He cannot recall the past three months of his life, never mind having a wife! What’s more, someone is trying to silence him before his memory returns….

Emily Chesterfield is trapped in a marriage of convenience with a man who doesn’t remember her. Stephen clearly thinks she is the most unsuitable countess, but she is falling for her enigmatic husband…. Can they find trust and love before it is too late?

accidentalprincessThe Accidental Princess, a full-length book, is on sale for $1.99 (Kindle, Nook, etc.)
Lieutenant Michael Thorpe is a forbidden temptation for Lady Hannah Chesterfield. Etiquette demands Hannah ignore the shivers of desire his wicked gaze provokes, but he’s the only man to recognize her restless spirit, and her unawakened body is clamoring for his touch….

Thrown together by scandal, a defiant Hannah joins Michael on an adventure to uncover the secret of his birth–is this common soldier really a prince? If so, will the ordinary man who has taught Hannah the meaning of pleasure now make her his royal bride?

If you enjoyed the Accidental series, the last title is now available in stores. On March 1st, it releases from Kindle and Nook.

accidentalprince His runaway princess

Princess Serena of Badenstein intends to flee-from her violent father and from the man to whom she’s been pledged in a political marriage of convenience.

Karl von Lohenberg is without a country, a title-and a bride if he lets Serena get away. A ruthless man, he takes her to a secluded island, hell-bent on seduction. Only, he discovers a broken woman behind the prim princess facade. The time they spend together mends her spirit and touches his soul, but how will she react when she finds out how he’s deceived her?

Finally, don’t forget–Undone by the Duke is still available for only $3.99. Enjoy the Spring book sales! Undone by the Duke