Plotting Arc

1. Inciting Incident
In case you haven’t figured it out by now, you need an inciting incident to start your story. It’s the one, single event that starts the action rolling.

2. First turning point
This is when the central character makes the decision to deal with the problem and not just walk away. This is where the first act with all its setting up ends and the second act of dealing with the problem begins.

3. Midpoint
Obviously this divides the story in half and happens when the character stops looking at the problem and begins to do something about it.

4. Second turning point
This is when the character accepts total responsibility for the problem.

5. Crisis
The character makes a decision to do something to get what he wants. It’s the most significant choice of the entire story and also is usually made at the expense of something else which makes it a choice with consequences. In other words, the black moment.

6. Resolution
This is when all the loose ends are tied up. The subplots, if they haven’t reached completion already, are wrapped up. And last of all, in a romance novel, the romance itself is resolved.