Glossary of Terms

A chroí­ = my heart
A dalta = an affectionate term toward a foster-son, literally “my student”
A ghrá = my love
A iníon = my daughter
A mhuírnín = beloved, sweetheart
A stór = my treasure, my darling, my love
Aenach = local fair
Aite = foster father
Bean-sidhe = (banshee), a female of the fairies
Brat = a woolen shawl worn around the shoulders by both men and women
Brehons = judges who listened to court cases
Cailín = girl
Cinnte = Certainly
Corp-dire = body price, usually a fine paid for bodily injuries
Craibechan = a savory dish made of chopped meat and vegetables
Dia dhuit = Hello (literal translation = God be with you)
Ech = war horse
Eraic= compensation fine, literally “blood money.”
Flaiths = noblemen
Gráim thú = I love you
Léine = a long gown worn by women or a long shirt worn by men
Máirge = a colorful banner
Ní­l = no
Rachaidh mé = I shall go.
Rath = fortress
Rinne mé = I did
Sibh = fairies
Sibh dubh = dark spirits
Tá = yes (if used with the Irish verb form)
Tuatha = town or village belonging to a clan, literally “the people”