Extra Features – Behind the Scenes with Bevan and Genevieve

Here are some photographs that inspired me while writing Her Irish Warrior. Enjoy!

The Lia Fail stone at TaraHere is a photograph I took at Tara, of the Lia Fáil stone. Legend has it that when a true king rode past the stone, the stone would cry out. Bevan rode past the stone when he went to appeal his case to Rory O’Connor, a real-life High King. Sadly, the stone remained silent.

TaraThis is a photograph of Tara, where the legendary castle of the High King would have stood. Tara is truly an amazing place, where the five roads converged. But you definitely have to watch where you step, due to the sheep who graze freely upon the land.

Round towerHere is one of many round towers I saw in Ireland. This one was at the Rock of Cashel, and it provided an inspiration for the round tower where Bevan and Genevieve escaped.

Secret passagewayRemember how Bevan slipped inside the wall where Genevieve was trapped in the chamber? This was a secret passageway within the Rock of Cashel, and I modeled Bevan’s secret passage after this one. In real life, the abbot could eavesdrop and sneak all around the area and spy on people if he wished. It was located behind the wall.

Mound of the HostagesThis is the Mound of Hostages, where the Irish Kings kept prisoners.

EnnisleighThis is the inspiration for the island of Ennisleigh. It’s not a real island, but it’s a coastal area near the Giant’s Causeway in northern Ireland. The ruins of Dunluce Castle are here.