ebook help

Never downloaded an e-book before? If you’re feeling unsure about it, here’s my step-by-step guide to help you. I’ll use “The Viking’s Forbidden Love-Slave” as a sample, but you can download any e-book, including any of my backlist. I’m also using the Adobe format as an example, but once you get the hang of it, feel free to experiment with the other readers. You can also make the font size larger, if your eyesight is starting to strain.

1. Go to ebooks.eharlequin.com. Choose the imprint you want (example: Harlequin Historical Undone) and the title.

2. Select a format. If you’re new, I’d suggest an Adobe pdf file. But careful! You need to have the right version of Adobe. The e-books are not compatible with Adobe 9.0 or 8.0. It’s easiest to download the Adobe Digital Editions software, which is available when you check out at the e-book store.

3. If you’ve never bought an e-book before, you’ll need to register a new profile. This is separate from regular print books at Harlequin, so it’s a necessary step.

4. Once you’ve purchased the e-book, you’ll see a link that says Click here to download the software needed to use this Adobe e-book.

5. Trust me, you need to download the software. But wait! I already have Adobe, you say. Nope. You need the Digital Edition version, which, if you’ve never read an e-book, you probably don’t have. Click on the link to download it.

6. Adobe will probably ask you to register with them. Go ahead and do it. You’ll never have to worry about it again, so you may as well.

7. Now that your software is downloaded, go back to the eHarlequin e-bookstore site. But wait! I closed the window! Now where do I find my e-book? Go back to the link and on the top right hand side, you’ll see a hyperlink that reads: My bookshelf. Click it, and you’ll see the e-book you downloaded.

8. Click Download now. Your Adobe Digital Edition Reader will automatically pop up and load the book.

9. Still having trouble? Click here for more help.

Happy Reading!