Warrior of Ice

Locked in a deadly game!

Physically and emotionally scarred, Lady Taryn of Ossoria knows no man would want her for a wife. Nonetheless, she’s determined to free her father from his merciless overlord and enlists powerful warrior Killian MacDubh to help.

He has his own motives for confronting the High King… Born a bastard, Killian longs to carve out a place for himself. Unaware of her true beauty, Taryn is an alluring distraction to his plan, but as traitors are revealed and loyalties tested, their forbidden love becomes the only thing worth fighting for!

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Strong-willed warriors, courageous women, warlords, political turmoil, treachery and a colorful backdrop enhance this battle-of-wills romance. Willingham excels at recreating the bold, tumultuous Middle Ages without sugar-coating the era, yet allows readers to see the beauty and romance of Ireland. -4 stars, RT Book Reviews

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