The Untamed Warrior's Bride

The Untamed Warrior’s Bride

To claim what should be his…He must claim her!

Piers of Grevershire might have been born illegitimate, but he’ll fight for the land he knows is his. To do so, he must win Lady Gwendoline’s hand in marriage!

What starts as a secret mission of vengeance soon becomes more as Gwen’s unique fire ignites a powerful connection between them. And when they’re married, Piers finds earning Gwen’s trust means revealing his true identity—and the betrayal that risks destroying their fledgling bond…

Book 2 in the medieval Legendary Warriors series

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Piers of Grevershire is a warrior through and through, but in order to claim the land that should be his, he must secure a marriage. If he succeeds in winning Lady Gwendoline's hand, he will also be able to enact vengeance on those who wronged him. But then, the unthinkable happens—he begins to care for Gwen. Using the familiar Medieval romance trope of the illegitimate hero and fiery heroine, Willingham (The Iron Warrior Returns) successfully immerses readers in Piers and Gwen's world, where social standing is at the mercy of birth. VERDICT Willingham's writing style makes this book a potential crossover for fans of mystery, so long as they like steamy romance scenes.—Ahliah Bratzler, Library Journal

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