MacEgan Brothers box set

MacEgan Brothers Complete Box Set

Includes 7 full-length books and 4 novellas!

  • Her Warrior Captive
  • “The Viking’s Forbidden Captive”
  • Her Warrior King
  • Her Irish Warrior
  • The Warrior’s Touch
  • Taming Her Irish Warrior (includes “The Warrior’s Forbidden Virgin”)
  • Surrender to an Irish Warrior (includes “Pleasured by the Viking”)
  • “Shipwrecked with Her Irish Warrior”
  • Warriors in Winter
  • Her Warrior Captive

    Warrior and master woodcarver Kieran O’Brannon sold himself into captivity to save his brother’s life…but to win his freedom, he must carve the image of Iseult MacFergus. Beautiful and haunted by loss, Iseult MacFergus spends time with Kieran, and their loneliness turns to fierce desire. When they are attacked by Viking invaders, Kieran must make the hardest choice of all—but to save the woman he loves, he must sacrifice everything…

    The Viking’s Forbidden Captive

    Aisling O’Brannon is captured by a fierce Viking during a raid. Though she yearns to escape, she cannot deny her unwanted attraction to her handsome captor. Tharand Hardrata plans to exchange her for his sister’s life, but he is drawn to his beautiful captive. Their forbidden liaison forces Tharand to make an impossible choice—between saving his sister or the woman he desires beyond all else.

    Her Warrior King

    King Patrick agreed to wed his enemy’s daughter to save the lives of his people — though he swore he would never bed her. Yet Isabel de Godred has no intention of being cast aside by her new Irish husband… Despite Patrick’s vow of celibacy, there is no denying the forbidden desire rising between them. But if he dares to love Isabel, he risks his very throne.

    Her Irish Warrior

    Genevieve de Renalt will do anything to escape her betrothed—even if it means trusting her enemy. Irish warrior Bevan MacEgan cannot leave a lady in danger, but keeping her safe means endangering his own family. As Genevieve begins to melt his heart, a shocking secret forces Bevan to make a terrible choice—one that could mean losing her forever.

    The Warrior’s Touch

    When Irish healer Aileen Ó Duinne finds a wounded man on her lands, she will do anything to save him. But after she sees Connor MacEgan, it evokes memories of a stolen night of passion. Connor is grateful to Aileen for saving his life after his hands were crushed in a brutal attack. As their attraction grows, Aileen is terrified of losing more than her heart…she fears losing the daughter Connor knows nothing about.

    Taming Her Irish Warrior

    Honora St. Leger would much rather wield a sword than a needle. But when her girlhood infatuation, Ewan MacEgan, returns to compete for her younger sister’s hand in marriage, she’s startled by the unexpected yearning the Irish warrior awakens. They try to keep their distance from each other . . . yet Honora cannot deny the way Ewan makes her heart race…

    Surrender to an Irish Warrior

    After losing the woman he loved, Trahern MacEgan will stop at nothing to avenge her death. Morren Ó Reilly sacrificed herself for her sister’s sake, but she holds her head high even as she recoils from a man’s touch. When Trahern saves her life, their tentative friendship begins to heal the loneliness inside. Can Morren be the light to Trahern’s darkness and be made whole again by her surrender?

    Shipwrecked with Her Irish Warrior

    Adriana de Manzano is more than a lady-in-waiting to the future Queen of England—she has sworn to defend Berengaria to the death! When they are shipwrecked on their voyage to the Holy Land, Adriana knows that her only hope of survival lies with the fiercely handsome Irishman, Liam MacEgan.

    Liam will stop at nothing to rescue her and the princess from their imprisonment on Cyprus. He fights alongside the king to save them, but he hides a secret of his own . . . that he is a prince of Ireland searching for his own bride.

    Warriors in Winter

    Enjoy a collection of three holiday stories featuring second-generation characters from the MacEgan Brothers series!


    After Brianna MacEgan’s husband was killed by a Viking, she will stop at nothing to avenge his death—but when the handsome Arturo de Manzano offers to train her to fight, the Spaniard slowly begins to melt the ice around her heart …


    After being caught in a snowstorm, Rhiannon MacEgan seeks shelter with a fierce Viking. She’s intrigued by the handsome warrior Kaall, but he’s holding a terrible secret. Not only is Kaall blind, he’s also her cousin’s greatest enemy…


    Adriana de Manzano is betrothed to Liam MacEgan, a man who rescued her from captivity, but she’s hiding the darkness of her past. To save Liam’s life, she was forced to betray him. If she tells this proud Irish warrior the truth, will he ever forgive her?

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