A Most Peculiar Season Box Set

A Most Peculiar Season – Box Set

This swoon-worthy collection of five connected novels will appeal to readers who enjoy their Regency romance spiced with a dash of suspense and the supernatural!


Juliana, Viscountess Hawthorne desperately needs a strong hero to rescue her and her young son. A sinfully handsome Viking warrior wasn’t what she had in mind! Flung forward in time, Arik Thorgrim struggles to find his way in Regency Society and to resist the beautiful woman who tempts him beyond reason.


Three Noblemen and a Baby! When rakish Jack Warwick finds an abandoned baby outside his door, he sets out to find the mother. With the help of young widow Annabelle Robb, will he realize that this child could be the beginning of a whole new family?

LADY OF THE FLAMES by Barbara Monajem

Magic is fraught with peril-but so is love! When Andromeda Gibbons overhears her haughty fiance plotting treason she turns to Lord Fenimore Trent, the one man she knows she can trust, in spite of their romantic history. Taking refuge with Fen will mean learning to believe in love, magic, and the real Andromeda once again.

TO TEMPT A THIEF by Gail Ranstrom

Darius Rusten wagers that he can catch an infamous thief who has been looting the ton, within a fortnight. Dare does not count on the bewitching distraction of Miss Gertrude Carr, who has her own secret reasons for wanting the implacable earl to fail in his mission. Love, loyalty, or the law-which will prevail?

LADY SYBIL’S VAMPIRE by Ann Lethbridge

Afraid she is losing her mind, Lady Sybil Lofstrom tells no one about the creatures of the night only she can see. Until Anton Count Grazki draws her into his secret Vampire world with his kisses. Lady Sybil’s ability to see through the vampire cloak of shadows will mean her death unless Anton can find a way to keep this irresistible woman safe!

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