The Taming of the Countess

August 27, 2023

A new Victorian romance featuring Evangeline Sinclair and James Thornton, the Earl of Penford

The Crusader Returns

August 27, 2023

Book three in the Legendary Warriors series – coming soon!

Voyage of an Irish Warrior

July 16, 2023

Quin MacEgan has been Brenna Ó Neill’s closest friend and protector for three years. He means everything to her, but the feelings of desire he has awakened in her are terrifying. Afraid to become a woman she didn’t want to be—-a woman like her mother-—Brenna pushed Quin away and agreed to marry another.

But when Brenna’s betrothed is not among the survivors of an ill-fated trade voyage, Quin is more determined than ever to make her his wife! Even if it means putting aside his own passions and agreeing never to touch her….

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MacEgan Brothers Box Set 1

May 29, 2023

Her Warrior Captive
Warrior and master woodcarver Kieran O’Brannon sold himself into captivity to save his brother’s life…but to win his freedom, he must carve the image of Iseult MacFergus. Beautiful and haunted by loss, Iseult MacFergus spends time with Kieran, and their loneliness turns to fierce desire. When they are attacked by Viking invaders, Kieran must make the hardest choice of all—but to save the woman he loves, he must sacrifice everything…

The Viking’s Forbidden Captive
Aisling O’Brannon is captured by a fierce Viking during a raid. Though she yearns to escape, she cannot deny her unwanted attraction to her handsome captor. Tharand Hardrata plans to exchange her for his sister’s life, but he is drawn to his beautiful captive. Their forbidden liaison forces Tharand to make an impossible choice—between saving his sister or the woman he desires beyond all else.

Her Warrior King

King Patrick agreed to wed his enemy’s daughter to save the lives of his people — though he swore he would never bed her. Yet Isabel de Godred has no intention of being cast aside by her new Irish husband… Despite Patrick’s vow of celibacy, there is no denying the forbidden desire rising between them. But if he dares to love Isabel, he risks his very throne.

Her Irish Warrior
Genevieve de Renalt will do anything to escape her betrothed—even if it means trusting her enemy. Irish warrior Bevan MacEgan cannot leave a lady in danger, but keeping her safe means endangering his own family. As Genevieve begins to melt his heart, a shocking secret forces Bevan to make a terrible choice—one that could mean losing her forever.

The Warrior’s Touch
When Irish healer Aileen Ó Duinne finds a wounded man on her lands, she will do anything to save him. But after she sees Connor MacEgan, it evokes memories of a stolen night of passion. Connor is grateful to Aileen for saving his life after his hands were crushed in a brutal attack. As their attraction grows, Aileen is terrified of losing more than her heart…she fears losing the daughter Connor knows nothing about.

The Viking’s Forbidden Captive

November 12, 2022

“You’re terrified I’ll force myself upon you. And worse, that you’ll enjoy it.”

Aisling O’Brannon is captured by a fierce Viking during a raid. Though she yearns to escape, she cannot deny her unwanted attraction to the handsome warrior who took her.

Tharand Hardrata plans to trade her to the king in exchange for his sister’s life. But on their journey, he cannot stop himself from touching his beautiful captive, drawing them both to the edge of pleasure.

As they near the end of their journey, Aisling discovers a man of honor behind her Viking’s stoic demeanor. But their forbidden liaison forces Tharand to make an impossible choice–between saving his family or the woman he desires beyond all else.

(previously published as “The Viking’s Forbidden Love-Slave”)

Viking Voyagers

August 1, 2022

Enjoy a time travel series with a twist! Includes two full-length novels.

A Viking for the Viscountess

Juliana Arthur, the Viscountess Hawthorne, has been thrown out of her husband’s estate and her marriage declared invalid. With a small son to care for, she desperately needs a strong hero to rescue them from poverty and suffering. A Viking wasn’t quite what she had in mind.

Arik Thorgrim will do anything to claim his place in Valhalla…but he knows nothing of life in Regency England. And battle-axes don’t exactly belong in a ballroom…

A Viking Maiden for the Marquess

Katarina Larsdottir has been in love with a Viking warrior for years…but when a shipwreck brings him home, the man who looks identical to her warrior has no memory of her. Has he forgotten everything they shared…or is he someone else?

Erik Fielding doesn’t know how he traveled 1000 years back in time, but he never imagined he would be forced to abandon his title and Regency society…only to become a Viking.

Forbidden Weddings: A Regency Box Set

October 30, 2021

Marriage was never a possibility…until they met each other.

A Dance with the Devil
Devon Lancaster is fascinated by the beautiful vicar’s daughter, Jane Hawkins, who has been summoned to the will reading of the late Lord Banfield. But is she truly only a vicar’s daughter? Or does her past hold secrets that put her very life in danger? Jane knows she is unlikely to find a husband among the handsome men at Castle Keyvnor because of her poverty. But when she is locked in the wine cellar with Devon, she finds that the Devil of Lancaster sets her blood on fire. She’s afraid to surrender to his touch for fear of being abandoned. But one meddling ghost just might make a match between two reluctant lovers who are destined to be together…

The Sweetest Christmas
Lady Marjorie despises the idea of marriage. After being engaged to a man who tried to command every aspect of her life, from what she wore to what she ate, she refuses to consider matrimony again. Though she isn’t at all opposed to playing matchmaker for her cousin…Sir William Crandall is startled when Lady Marjorie believes he is a shy, withdrawn knight in need of a wife. He has nothing at all in common with her bluestocking cousin, but he is fascinated by the spirited Lady Marjorie. Despite her attempts at matchmaking, he intends to avoid marriage at all costs, after being abandoned at the altar. But a stolen kiss, a feast of gingerbread, and two unexpected friends find that there is magic in the Christmas holiday and a match that neither of them expected.

A Rake of Her Own
Ariadne Cushing is horrified when her controlling mother arranges a betrothal to a man she barely knows. She will do anything to avoid the engagement—even if that means causing her own ruin. But how can a shy bluestocking gain the attention of a wicked rake? Evan Middleton, Viscount Harcourt, is hiding his poverty from the rest of the world. With nothing but the clothes on his back and a horse to call his own, he needs a wealthy bride to save his family from his father’s debts. Ariadne strikes a bargain with him that he can’t refuse…but will her proposition result in an unexpected temptation?

The Untamed Warrior’s Bride

July 14, 2021

To claim what should be his…He must claim her!

Piers of Grevershire might have been born illegitimate, but he’ll fight for the land he knows is his. To do so, he must win Lady Gwendoline’s hand in marriage!

What starts as a secret mission of vengeance soon becomes more as Gwen’s unique fire ignites a powerful connection between them. And when they’re married, Piers finds earning Gwen’s trust means revealing his true identity—and the betrayal that risks destroying their fledgling bond…

Book 2 in the medieval Legendary Warriors series

The Iron Warrior Returns

July 14, 2021

A fight to save his people

A kiss to save his heart…

To regain his stolen lands and save his people from suffering, Robert of Penrith has returned to marry his enemy’s daughter. To Robert’s surprise, his dearest friend, Morwenna, helps him win the heiress’s hand—-despite the danger to them both. The fierce, beautiful miller’s daughter has stood by him throughout his exile.

But a single kiss ignites a passion that threatens to upend all Robert’s plans…

Match Me If You Can

July 14, 2021

After five unsuccessful seasons, Emma Bartholomew’s stepmother threatens to auction her off into marriage. Horrified at the idea, Emma enlists the help of the School for Spinsters to help her find a husband quickly. But she knows that no man will want to wed her, once he learns the secret she’s hiding…that she’s practically blind.

Cormac Ormond, the Irish Earl of Dunmeath, is seeking a quick marriage because he desperately wants an heir. He knows he’s dying, and it doesn’t matter what sort of bride he finds, as long as she’s willing to help him.

After meeting Emma, Cormac plans to outbid every suitor…but will she marry a man whose time is running out?