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May 5, 2020

I don’t think I realized just how long it had been since I’d updated this page until I saw that my last post was from 2017. Whoops! My excuse can only be major life changes, a move, children going to high school, and writing a ton of new books.

This year, I took part in a 5-book mini-series called Sons of Sigurd. I wrote the first title, Stolen by the Viking, and authors Harper St. George, Jenni Fletcher, Michelle Styles, and Terri Brisbin collaborated with me. I also wrote a short story in the Castle Keyvnor collection titled “A Rake of Her Own,” and it will release in late May. Then the sequel to The Highlander and the Governess, The Highlander and the Wallflower will come out in August.

After that, I’ve decided to spread my wings a bit in terms of the types of books I write. Don’t worry–I’m not giving up on historicals. I just wanted to try some new things. So in the next few months, I will be releasing a contemporary romance and a middle grade fiction novel, but under different pen names. I’ll keep you posted!

With all best wishes,

Michelle Willingham